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The wonderful world of Dendrobium speciosum

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Long-time grower and breeder of Australia's most beautiful native orchid species
Here you will find lots of information about the enthralling species that has fascinated me for most of my adult life. If you've never heard of it's latin name of Dendrobium speciosum, you will certainly know it as either the Rock Lily, King Orchid, Bush Orchid or Tree Orchid. Whatever you call it in your part of the world, I should warn you that  Dendrobium speciosum  can become an addiction. You are most welcome to explore these pages . . . just don't get hooked like I did!
Calliope Range, Sept 2005 Bonza, var. blackdownense 
  'Fort Knox', var grandiflorum 'Lyrebird', albino var. speciosum