Plant Divisions

Divisions of superior plants available now.
Also divisions of awarded plants, top shelf plants, and the parent plants.
Also feel free to ask about divisions of any of the D. speciosum varieties that you are interested in . . . I’ll get back to you for sure.
I don’t have a list of divisions available. That is not the way I operate. But I have everything you could want. Just email me and tell me what you are after and I’ll let you know all about it . . .
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It has taken a while to get this section up and running. I apologise for this. Since my 18 month long repot, I no longer remember where many of the plants now dwell. I spend much of my time roaming around squinting between leaves and labels in an attempt to re locate many of my plants. I now know enough to put a few things up on the list that some of you may be interested in. I have been surprise at the number of enquiries I’ve received to say the least.
I should say right from the start that I have many things that don’t warrant an individual listing because I only have one or two pieces to spare. If there is something that you have been chasing you should just contact me via the contact form in the main menu. Alternatively, if you add your name to the get the Newsletter I will advise you of new things and updates as I wade through the jig saw puzzle that is now my collection.
Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum “Creek Aureum”
This is perhaps the finest example of var. grandiflorum there is. See pics of it under the menu item Gallery/Parents Pics. It rates extremely high in colour and shape, which is half a judges score sheet. But its also right up there in every other category. Creek Aureum has been used extensively in breeding and is one of the parents in the famous “Katrina” AD/ANOS. See parents pics. They must run out cannot last forever. I named this one way back in 1992. I was as happy as any gold panner could be in a creek with Gold Grandiflorums.
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Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum “Phoenix”
This is another one of my far superior forms of var. grandiflorum. Once again there are pics in the Parents Section of the Gallery. Phoenix has the widest segments at their bases that I have seen on any var. grandiflroum. Magnificent shape and arrangement. I have several huge pots that have to be broken up, so if you are interested get in quickly. They will be bare root divisions. Called Phoenix because it was one of the few that flowered after disastrous bush fires in 1997  . . . . “Risen from the Ashes” like the fabled bird.
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Many other wonderful show-stopping var. grandiflorums
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Dendrobium speciosum var speciosum – White Forms
I have spare pieces of many absolutely beautiful white forms of Var. speciosum. Back in the 90s I chased these white ones extensively and the quality of them is second to none. I never selected or traded one that was anything but ‘bloody good”! Why would I let anything into my bush house that was not a super duper form? One in a hudred plants seen in flower would be be good enough to make it into my bush house. I’m keeping two bits of all of them. Excess pieces have to go, its as simple as that.
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Dendrobium speciosum var speciosum – Yellow Forms
True yellow forms in Var. speciosum are not as common as you might think. The same thing applies here as to the whites above. Some good forms still abound but I just want the bench space. Please ask.
Dendrobium speciosum var grandiflorum
Quite a few very nice examples of this variety  just have to go.
Good cultivars that I’m still keeping but excess plants cannot stay forever. Otherwise I’ll be on one of those TV shows where people horde newsapers and empty dog food cans. As below, I had only seen around 3 plants of grandiflorum in Sydney. So in 1992 I drove 1900 kms on a wing and a prayer till I gazed upon it close up. You people are pampered!
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Dendrobium speciosum var curvicaule
Same thing here. Good pieces that I have been growing on, growing on, growing on . . . for years.
I had to drive 2500 kms to see my first bona fide var. curvicaule and that was in 1989. The wife and kids thought they were on a holiday trip – how naive were they? Now here it is and can come to you in a box! The world has changed . . . get in on it folks.
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Dendrobium speciosum var blackdownense
Limited number of divisions available.
These are pieces I’v had in the collection for 19 years. Never throw out a back bulb, just keep growing them on. It simply can’t go on this way. This variety has never been around much, only been described within the last 20 years or so. Short stocky bulbs if you only have a shoe box back yard. These are not expensive but sizes vary.
Dendrobium speciosum var capricornicum
Very limited number of divisions available.
Was given around 6 pieces  of this variety some 20 years ago. Never thrown out a back bulb, just keep growing them on. It simply can’t go on this way. Not often seen, even on the show benches. Medium length stocky bulbs. Has the advantage of flowering any time from April through to September but with peak in mid winter. This variety gives a flash of colour when there’s nothing much about. These aren’t expensive but sizes vary. Sounds like a shoe shop!
Dendrobium speciosum var speciosum ‘Windermere’ HCC/AOC
These pieces are divisions of the original collection by Peter Bond back in the 1970s. They are not pieces of Windermere X self, which you will end up getting occasionally because of poor nursery habits of slack growers. Windermere X self cannot under any circumstances ever be called Windermere! Selfings usaully very different. The original Windermere is probably the record holder for the number times used in breeding species and hybrids.
Dendrobium speciosum var speciosum ‘Charlie’ AM/AOC
Charlie is an incredible speciosum! When it is at its best it has the longest raceme of any show bench speciosum I’ve ever seen. Never actually measured, but i’m saying 2’6″ or 750mm long by 6″ or 150mm across the mid section. Flowers are huge, great shape. This is still one of the greatest var. speciosums around. Another AM plant. I’ve just taken the axe to a big pot full and it is now or never and bare root, don’t miss out. Once I pot it, its off the market.
More coming folks . . . hang in there, need time to do it