Older Seedling Catalogue

AAA 97 Albino (pod) x Lyrebird . .  Albino x Albino var. speciosumsThe pod parent here is a magnificent pure Albino from the NSW Central Coast. It has a very upright habit of raceme with perfect arrangement as well. It has tall, large flowers of excellent shape. Lyrebird is totally stunning and is whiter than white to use an expression. A much more rounded flower with a gentle arching habit of raceme. Size and shape are wonderful. See pics in the Gallery under Parents Pics, var. speciosum.
BBB Lyrebird (pod) x 97 Albino . .  Albino x Albino var. speciosumsThe Reverse of AAA, I figured it would be wise to cross the two albinos each way with the pod parent. Some growers and breeders suggest that a particular pod parent will give a different result then the same cross but with the pod on the opposite parent. It’s called insurance! See pics in the Gallery under Parents Pics, var. speciosum. Compare the pics of each parent and see which one you like the best. It is about an equal split I think. Each parent is distinct in its own way; but both are the purest of pure white albino.


As Gold as Gold can be!!!!Pics are in the Gallery under Parent pics.
Var. blackdownense Bonanza X Windermere x Mt Larcom Gold   Eldorado Bonanza is the very best coloured blackdownense I have ever seen. Shape is magnificent. All this is on a dwarf plant. But there is nothing small about the quality of this speciosum. Made in Heaven!  There have been a lot of Mt Larcom Gold x Windermere flowered over the past decades. Some have been very good, some not so good. But Eldorado is, I swear, the finest speciosum in my bush house. My own opinion is that it is of FCC standard. It’s a product from the breeding of Sid Batchelor of Yondi Orchids fame. As deep a yellow as anything I’ve seen. Shape and Size are the best also. This cross is an absolute certainty to succeed.
200 Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum x same  Grandisaurus x Katrina  Sold Out
201 blackdown  Bonza x grandiflorum Katrina AD/ANOS  SOLD OUT
202 Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum x same Rock Pile x Creek Aureum  Sold out
203 D. speciosum var. speciosum x same. Walshes Pass x Neils Choice   Sold Out
204 D. speciosum var. grandiflorum x same   Creek Aureum x Kroombit Gold HCC/AOC  Sold Out
205 Dend. speciosum var. grandiflorum x same   Rock Pile x Kroombit Gold HCC/AOC Sold Out
206  Var.grandiflorum Phoenix x var. blackdownense   Very Good Gold Sold Out
207  Var blackdownense Very Good Gold  x var grandiflorum   Camp Creek Sold Out
208   Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum x same   Rock Pile x Beranghi Gold sold out
209   Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum x same    Rock Pile x Camp Creek Sold out
210   D. speciosum grandiflorum x same    Kroombit Gold HCC/AOC x Camp Creek SOLD OUT
211   Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum x same    Grandisaurus x Rock Pile SOLD OUT
212    Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum x same    Camp Creek x Ingot SOLD OUT
213   D.spec. var. speciosum x same (Nat White HCC x Windermere HCC) X 93D Sold Out 
214   Dendrobium speciosum var. speciosum x same    Lyrebird (Albino) x 93D  SOLD OUT
  Pics of most of the parent plants can be found in the Gallery under Parent Pics on the main menu.     2013 Seedlings . . .    
  300  Den. speciosum var. grandiflorum x same  Rock Pile x Fort Knox Sold Out
  301 Walshes Pass x (J.L. AM/AOC x pedunculatum) Sold Out
  302  (Nat. White HCC x Wind. HCC) x Neil’s Choice – Sold Out
  304  Colo Ridge x Bugeroo Baron Sold Out
  305  Rock Pile x Kroombit D1  Sold Out
  306 (George x J.L. AM/AOC) x Lemon Ice HCC/ANOS Sold Out
  307 (Windermere HCC x Mt Larcom Gold) x Fab Sold Out
  309 Lemon Ice HCC x Windermere HCC Sold Out
  310 Fab x Misty Mountain HCC Sold Out
  312 Kirrama x Lyrebird Albino Sold Out
  313 (Big Boy HCC x Wind. HCC) X George x J.L. AM  Sold Out
  314 Creek Aureum x Gold Long Sold Out
  315 Grandisaurus x Phoenix SOLD OUT
  316   Den. speciosum var. grandiflorum x same   Grandisaurus x Fort Knox Sold Out
  317   (Pedunc.x J.L. AM) X Windermere HCC x Cindy Sold Out