Plant Divisions

Divisions of superior plants available from time to time.
Also divisions of awarded plants, top shelf plants, and the parent plants.
Also feel free to ask about divisions of any of the D. speciosum varieties that you are interested in . . . I’ll get back to you for sure.
I don’t have a list of divisions available. That is not the way I operate. But I have everything you could want. Just email me and tell me what you are after and I’ll let you know all about it . . .
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It has taken a while to get this section up and running.  I no longer remember where many of the plants now dwell since I moved house in 2014. I spend much of my time roaming around squinting between leaves and labels in an attempt to re locate many of my plants.
I should say right from the start that I have many things that don’t warrant an individual listing because I only have one or two pieces to spare. If there is something that you have been chasing you should just contact me via the contact in the main menu. Alternatively, if you add your name to the get the Newsletter I will advise you of new things and updates as I wade through the jig saw puzzle that is now my collection.
These days I am always repotting and spare pieces become available. All you need to do inquire.